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subway surfers update

Whats new at Subway Surfers in 2020?
Subway Surfers is one of the highest rated mobile arcade games according to the Google Play Store. Although it is not one of the most recent, as it was released by Kiloo in 2012, it is still very popular.

The game is free, and includes micro-payments, but they are not a necessity to advance in-game. The fact that it is free results in ads appearing, but they are not intrusive. What's more, they make the game easier.

It is also worth mentioning that there are often updates to the game that introduce new characters and move the player to various corners of the world.

The last update of this fine game occurred 04/16/2020
Despite continued success, it is time for some change. Today, at a meta level, mobile games no longer work with users the way they used to. Traditional events, regular updates, dual currency and video advertising are not enough to maximize profits.

At the same time, the creators fear radically changing the game, potentially alienating an existing audience. Perhaps neither they nor their publishing partners at Kiloo fully understand the reason for the title's success. Since the release of" Subway Surfers, " no company has produced anything that could even come close to the success of their major hit.

The team is testing a new, large-scale update as a separate game called Train Riders. It is an exact copy of existing Subway Surfers with three key innovations introduced. The first is the freedom to travel around the world to different cities. The second is season Hunt, the equivalent of Fortnite Battle Pass. The third is a new interface and possibly a new version.
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